Bhagawad Gita

18 chapters of Bhagawad Gita in 18 tweets. This makes so much of sense.

The Bhagawad Gita composed almost 2000 years ago is still relevant to us at so many levels.¬†Devdutt…


These WTF moments are weird and bizarre. But on top of everything they are really really cute.

There’s not gonna be any intorduction nor any conclusion to this post. Thinking WTF?     And…


If you have a thing for books & photography, this man’s creativity is sure gonna make you go WOW.

Emily Pullen on a boring Thursday decided to have some fun. He has put books & bodies…

AIB farewell to UPA

Rofl. Rahul Gandhi would not want to see this video of comedians bidding farewell to UPA.

The famous All India Bakchod are back with another hilarious video and we are sure Mr RaGa…

gangs of wasseypur

The 5 hour long Gangs of Wasseypur retold in less than 5 minutes.

Anurag Kashyap’s masterpiece “Gangs of Wasseypur” is retold in less than 5 minutes in animation by Ashutosh…

Italy Flag

This guy so perfectly (creatively too) made National flags from each country’s traditional foods. Guess what India’s flag is made of?

This guy has made National flags out of each country’s traditional foods (Source). These flags also look…

Kamal Haasan

This 2 minute video illustrates the life of Kamal Haasan in the most creative way ever.

An Indian movie-goer needs no introduction to Mr Kamal Haasan. Artist Rajini Babu illustrates the life of…

Matej Peljhan

See how a photographer literally gave wings to this special kid’s imagination.

Matej Peljhan, a photographer from Slovenia works towards bringing photography as close as possible to the people…


This guy is the real invisible man. He can hide anywhere & everywhere.

Liu Bolin, the Chinese artist is most famously known as “The Invisible Man”. Check out the pics…

Agatti Aerodrome

This has to be one of the most beautiful airports. And you’d be amazed to know that it’s in India.

Agatti Aerodrome located in Lakshadeep, India is definitely one of the most unique airports in the world….